Section 8 Chicago Apartments

section 8 chicago apartments

Public-private partnership to fund major renovations for Chicago section 8 apartments

The Barwell Manor Homes public housing complexes could see a major facelift as early as next year, the Waukegan Housing Authority executive director said. section 8 houses for rent in chicago, section 8 apartments chicago, section 8 chicago, section 8 apartments for rent in chicago

The renovations — a down-to-the-studs job designed to make the buildings look like new — will be funded through a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program aimed at leveraging private dollars to improve public housing, Executive Director Charles Chambers said. section 8 rentals in chicago, just section 8 chicago, section 8 illinois, section 8 apartments for rent in chicago northside

The program, called Rental Assistance Demonstration, gives housing authorities the ability to convert housing that is wholly owned by the agency temporarily into Section 8 housing, according to HUD. section 8 housing chicago, section 8 apartment listings chicago, just section 8, www section8chicago com, cha housing apartments

That means private investors can become partial owners of the housing for a certain number of years, earning income from the Section 8 vouchers and qualifying them for tax credits in exchange for providing the capital needed to fund the improvements, Chambers said. section 8 number in chicago il, section 8 approved apartments for rent in chicago il, section 8 chicago number, find apartment in cha mobility area

The goal of the program is to address the $26 billion dollar backlog of deferred maintenance nationwide without spending more public dollars, according to HUD. no security deposit apartments in chicago, chac chicago il, section 8 office chicago il, houses section 8 ready, how to get section 8 in chicago

The Waukegan Housing Authority has already entered into a bidding process open to more than 500 potential developers, 22 of which viewed Waukegan’s project and four of which actually bid, Chambers said. rent jungle section 8 chicago, craigslist section 8 apartments chicago, cha section 8, section 8 application chicago, apartments for rent no security deposit

The housing authority is an independent entity from the city whose board members are appointed by the mayor, but receives its funding from HUD. cha housing section 8, chicago housing authority section 8, housing choice voucher chicago, no security deposit apartments near me, apartments for rent in berwyn il craigslist

The private buy-in “won’t affect the residents at all,” Chambers said. “They’ll pay what they paid before.” Both city and housing authority officials hope that the improvements will encourage further development in the city’s 1st Ward, and that other area property owners are encouraged by the upgrades to improve their own lots.


Improvements to the Barwell Manor Homes were a piece of the South Sheridan Road strategic plan unanimously approved by the Waukegan City Council in September 2016. The Waukegan Housing Authority still needs approval from the Illinois Housing Development Authority, Chambers said. Its application isn’t due for two to three months. and after that it will be another couple of months before officials hear whether the application was successful.


In the meantime, staff has begun notifying the residents, he said. The housing authority plans on getting feedback from residents and other community members about how they’d like the renovated buildings to look. Barwell Manor, which dates back 53 years, is made up of three sites on the city’s south side, all of which would be upgraded, Chambers said. The facilities would also receive a new name as part of the improvements.


The construction itself could take three to five years with multiple phases to minimize the impact on residents, Chambers said. Some displaced families will be provided with housing vouchers so they can move elsewhere. Chambers said he would love to start construction in 2019, but that’s only if everything with the state and the engineering process moves ahead as expected. Engineering work for the estimated $25 million investment would start after the Waukegan Housing Authority submits its application to the state, he said.